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Bringing Precision Agriculture To The Grassland Farm

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Grass is a crop like any other. Manage it well and you will increase yields significantly. Dairy, beef & sheep farmers all benefit from good grassland management.

In order to manage your grass effectively you have to be able to measure it.

The GrassOmeter takes the guess work out of grass measurement to quickly give you the accurate figures you need to record and benchmark grass growth performance - paddock by paddock, across the whole farm.

Why You Should Buy The GrassOmeter


  • Maximise grass growth
  • Optimise fertiliser use
  • Plan when to reseed
  • Extend your grazing period
  • Improve pasture quality
  • And manage seasonal variation

Thereby cutting your costs and giving your animals
the best quality feedstuff more of the time.

Map | Measure | Manage

The GrassOmeter is a complete Map Measure & Manage system for the grassland farm.

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The GrassOmeter is operated via an App on the farmer’s mobile phone. The phone’s GPS system tracks the farmer’s movement as the farm is
measured. Results are displayed instantly and uploaded to the cloud. Measurements are also instantly linked to weather and other data. 


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The GrassOmeter’s patented technologies use four ultrasound sensors linked to a nine-point orientation sensor to measure both grass height and the topography of the terrain for greater accuracy. The GrassOmeter takes 40 height measurements per step enabling hundreds of samples per field. Linked to the phone via Bluetooth measurements are recorded and displayed instantly.

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Data is shared and performance bench-marked, enabling farmers to make smarter, better informed and more effective field-level grass
management and grazing decisions. Fast, accurate and easy to use the GrassOmeter enables all farmers to Farm Smarter..

The Technology

Utilising the latest sensor and computer technologies the GrassOmeter makes accurate grass measurement & recording quick and simple for any grassland farm.

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The GrassOmeter connects to your phone using the latest Bluetooth technology. Measurements are sent directly from the field to the phone enabling grass growth figures to be quickly processed and shared. This cutting edge technology connects your field directly to the internet, linking your measurements with weather data, and allowing you to receive the latest advice appropriate to your farm.

Nine Point Orientation Sensor

The GrassOmeter’s base unit houses some very clever technology. Under the hood is the world’s most advanced nine point orientation sensor. Three accelerometers, three gyroscopes and three compasses combine to tell our processors exactly where the GrassOmeter is in relation to the ground. The GrassOmeter tracks every step, learning its user’s gait and ensuring that measurements are taken at exactly the right time.

Weather Proof Light Weight Aluminum Housing

The GrassOmeter has been designed by Jerry Manock - designer of the original Mac - the unique housing is cleverly designed and is investment cast in highest grade light weight aluminum. This hand produced 5000 year old ancient Chinese technique gives an excellent surface finish, coupled with high dimensional accuracy. It also ensures that your GrassOmeter is robust and water-sealed to withstand the very worst weather and farm conditions.

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Modular Hot Shoe Sensor Mount

The GrassOmeter has been designed as a modular unit. Later additional sensors will be available to measure grass, soil and silage quality. The base unit can carry up to four different sensor units at any one time. The clever hot shoe design is simple to use and ensures that your GrassOmeter will not go out of date as our technology develops.

High Precision Ultrasound Sensor Cluster

The GrassOmeter measures your grass using ultrasound. But we’re not just measuring the grass. Our unique precision aligned sensor cluster uses four narrow beam sensors to triangulate the slope of the ground. The GrassOmeter can be used on any type of ground with highly accurate results. The sensors are reliably precise and also waterproof.

Mounting Plate

The GrassOmeter’s unique mounting plate slips easily and comfortably over your wellington boot or clips seamlessly onto the GrassOmeter Stick. This dual mounting option gives you the benefit choosing the best method of measurement for your farm. Whichever method you choose the GrassOmeter is just as accurate and just as easy to use.

Designed by the legendary Apple designer Jerry Manock the GrassOmeter’s tough, yet lightweight aluminum body and weatherproof housing is designed to withstand the rigorous of any farm walk. The modular design enables expansion and future sensors will measure grass and silage quality, plant health and soil condition, moisture and compaction.

The GrassOmeter is simple to use but underneath it is a highly sophisticated piece of kit.

The GrassOmeter Could Not Be Simpler To Use

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When you first get the GrassOmeter you simply register and map your farm on the GrassOmeter website.  

Name your paddocks, enter your herd numbers and feed requirements, and you’re ready to start measuring.

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The GrassOmeter is mounted on a pole and used like a simple walking stick.  Open the GrassOmeter App on your phone, link the device and start walking.  The GrassOmeter knows exactly where you are on the farm and measuring starts as soon as you start walking.  Measurements are recorded and the Grass Wedge is generated automatically.  By the time you’ve finished your walk your adviser could already be reviewing your grass growth with you.

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You can make instant grazing decisions in the field, planning the next week’s rotation and silage cut.  Data is uploaded automatically to the GrassOmeter website allowing greater in depth analysis and historical comparison.  You can also instantly benchmark your data and the GrassOmeter’s intuitive interface allows you to easily make key longer term gazing management decisions about fertilizer use, re-seeding and stock numbers.

A Revolution In Grassland Management

Data Is The New Soil

It will be as important to the farm of tomorrow as the tractor is today.

Up until now grass measurement methods have been slow, cumbersome and too complicated for most practical everyday farm use.

The GrassOmeter revolutionizes grass measurement & grassland management. Now using the GrassOmeter you can measure quickly and easily and then make the right grazing and farm management decisions. The GrassOmeter enables you to track and compare grass growth - paddock by paddock.

The GrassOmeter’s unique dynamic Grass Wedge allows you to click on a paddock to take it out of the rotation and change stocking numbers and feed allocation to instantly manage grass demand. The paddock league table enables you to compare growth histories and benchmark with your discussion group and share data instantly with your advisers.

Put simply the GrassOmeter allows you to make better decisions and your farm to make more money.


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